Being creative has always fulfilled me. As a young adult I worked mainly for banks. While it paid the bills, it was just a job. When my oldest child started school I decided to go to college to pursue a new career doing something with art.  Finding an amazing babysitter for my two kids who worked around  crazy college schedule was such a blessing. She was truly a gem. Going back to school was one of the best decisions I ever made. Did my teacher telling me that only twenty five percent of the class would make art into a career turn me away? No. I was determined to be one of that twenty five percent.


After I finished college, I started a career as a technical illustrator and graphic designer. While it wasn’t exactly creative art, it was art. I got to draw or a living! I was always delighted when I was asked to create the company Christmas cards, or create a custom birthday card for a co-worker! Even while I was working in the corporate world, I did many creative projects at home to fulfill my need to make art. Painting, drawing, landscaping, or working with clay.


After a successful career in the corporate world, I was able to make my move into the world of Children’s books. It was AMAZING. I could push my creativity and always enjoyed hiding fun little nuggets in my illustrations for the kids to find. A story within the story, if you will. During my time as a children’s illustrator I illustrated 12 books for Arbordale Publishing, and a board book I illustrated for Bobolink Media sold over 60,000 copies!


I have never stopped studying. I thought I had retired, but I find myself with a continuing need to create. I have always loved painting, and that is now my main choice for being creative. I enjoy creating art that is soothing - paintings that make you feel like life is simple and remind you not to let life weigh you down. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them

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